Fly Me To The Moon!

A very neat target for skywatchers is our nearest celestial neighbor, the moon. Easily visible in the night sky, it is a great target for naked eyes, binoculars, and telescopes of all sizes. Located a mere 250,000 miles from Earth, it is a target rich in terrain features just ripe for the viewing! When viewing […]

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Galaxies of the Great Bear

Among my favorite objects to spot in the sky are galaxies. While our own galaxy, the Milky Way is an amazing sight all it’s own, seeing other galaxies┬ámillions of light years away is a special treat! They are amongst the most distant objects that can be viewed with amateur equipment, and remember that the light […]

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I’m A Little Teapot!

The night sky is a vast and wonderous place. During the summer, one of the best areas of the sky to view with optical aid is the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the teapot-shaped constellation in the lower southern sky just after nightfall. It contains a myriad of celestial objects for viewing, including nebulae, star clusters, […]

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Star Power

There are few things that are as beautiful or thought provoking as a clear, dark night sky. From our nearest celestial neighbor, the moon, to the quasar 3C-273 at a distance of 2.4 billion light years, there is much to behold! I’ve had a great interest in space things for as long as I can […]

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