Jupiter At Opposition

The planets in our solar system always make amazing targets for skywatchers. Most are bright enough to be seen even in heavy light pollution, and can reveal striking details and even moons when viewed with a telescope. The best time to view the planets with a telescope is when the planet is in opposition. Opposition […]

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Mesmerizing Winter Galaxies

If hunting galaxies is one of your goals as a skywatcher, the best season to spot them in the northern hemisphere is winter. There are several dozen bright galaxies in the winter skies, each with a unique shape and identifying qualites. In this edition, we’ll have a look at a few of the more unique […]

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Even More Wonders of Virgo!

The constellation of Virgo is home to the greatest concentration of galaxies in our night skies. Viewing these galaxies can be wonderous, given their distances from Earth, the different types of galaxies that they are, and that our galaxy too belongs to the same supercluster as the Virgo galaxies. In this edition, we’ll wrap up […]

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Open Star Clusters of Auriga

As we move into the mid-winter season, there are quite a few deep sky objects that are ready to view right when it gets dark. By finding the prominent constellation Auriga in the northern part of the sky, there are 3 easy-to-find open star clusters to aim your telescopes at. These clusters are fairly dense, […]

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