Star Clusters of the Scorpion

Hanging low in the southern sky from early spring until autumn is the constellation Scorpius, the scorpion. Scorpius is reasonably large, and has several features for you to aim your telescope at. As it lies along the path of the ecliptic, you may even get lucky and spot a planet or two, such as Mars […]

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Finding Mercury

Finding the planets in the night sky can be a fun task. Even with the naked eye, five of the planets can be spotted with relative ease. However, the trickiest of the naked eye planets to spot is Mercury, the closest world to the Sun. Whereas Venus and Jupiter are unmistakably bright and Mars has […]

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Spotting Planetary Nebulae

Viewing the cosmos through a telescope can be quite amazing. There are many objects floating around in deep space worth taking a look at, and among the most beautiful and colorful are planetary nebulae. While they usually appear small in telescopes compared to other types of nebulae, they’re still worth taking the time to find […]

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