About Me

Hello! I’m Anthony, and I come from a small town about an hour north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I decided to give blogging a try to share some neat information on the cosmos I’ve picked up over the years.

Since most people are casual skywatchers, I’ve geared my blogs towards those people. Sure, a few people may be interested in doctorate-level info. However, I want to try to appeal to the everyday person who looks up and wonders what’s up there, where it is , and what these things are. I try to keep it simple by not using advanced terminology so that beginners and children can follow.

I’ve also geared my blog for the naked-eye star gazers, the star gazers that may have a pair of binoculars handy, and those who have amateur-caliber telescopes (up to 8 or 10 inches in diameter). I would like to make the wonders of the night sky accessible to the skywatchers of all levels.

Looking up at the stars and glimpsing deep space objects, the planets, and even the moon can be amazing, interesting, and thought-provoking. By pointing some of the more easy-to-find objects out in a simple, more easy to understand manner, I hope to get people to look up and see what beauty and wonder the heavens have to offer!

As always, if you like my posts, “likes” are always appreciated, and feel free to share posts as well on social media. Any comments, feedback, and requests are always welcome as well! Thanks for reading, and keep looking up at the stars!


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